Our philosophy

Our philosophy is pleasure in time spent in intact nature and in good company. The reason for this is that we organize small groups with two or more guides in order to have a full experience of nature. Also, we want to provide you a pleasant and intimate time spent in a circle of friends.
The golden rule for all our trips is: You can forget a paddle, but camera – no way!

We never hurry up and we adjust our daily paddling sections to people who are not active sportspersons, so racing , braking a record or anything similar are out of question! On the contrary – all those who would like to paddle slowly, stop from time to time, research the nature around them, listen to the birds chirping, sometimes swim, sunbath or just lie in shade – with us, they will come into their own.
Adventurers can find challenge in our Hard Core tour.

With us, you will not go around faceless large restaurants, but experience charming little inns, taverns or outings spots typical for our climate, where you will have the chance to taste already forgotten Croatian specialties. You will particularly be thrilled with picnics in the nature, with baskets full of home made food as well as dishes prepared on campfire. To have a rest after a day full of excitement, we will provide you a comfortable bed and a shower in a small hotel or on a boat, or else camping in wilderness in an attempt to recuperate for another exciting day in the company of Falco Tours team.
And not only that. On our joint journey you will immerge into miraculous stories from rich history and culture of our little but unique and wonderful country – Croatia!