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ante ribicic falco guide

Sportsman and adventurer who, because of his love for the beauties of Croatia's nature, culture and customs, founded the tourist agency Falco Tours. His vision was to bring nearer to the world less known richness of this small but unique country. He is the leader and chief tour organizer, however, because of great love for tours he doesn't give up leading them. Besides rich experience with sea kayak and river canoe, he also has years of experience in extreme sports such as paragliding, off road racing and diving. He traveled through the whole Croatia and the Adriatic sea, thus in the case of change in the weather he always knows a safe port to hide and later have good fun in.

Marketing chief

falco guide

Grozdana manages the office in Split and takes care about the agency's marketing. She is probably the first person you will make contact with. Her friendly approach will be well remembered along with her infectious laughter, which will make you feel you know each other for years. Precisely she will be your greatest help and support in choosing an ideal expedition or trip. She also often feels like relaxing in nature, so you can meet her and have a laugh with her on one of Falco Tours tour.


He has got two great loves – family and activity in nature. You will often see Mišo guiding day trips in his two-seater together with his son Duje or his daughter Katarina, fast and graciously (riding "shotgun“). If you can call somebody a family man, you may well say Mišo is the one. With great number of nautical miles crossed, he is one of the members of our team in top shape.


Gvido is a biologist and nature protection worker, with a special interest in ecotourism. He is a great expert in the field of protected areas and kinds management, as well as an experienced ornithologist and birdwatcher. Gvido is the most educated member of our team. He successfully took part in many quizes, among others "Who wants to be a millionaire?“ However, if you ask him , he will tell you there is n o such beautiful thing as paddling slowly through the swamp and watch birds closely, and hot "fiš“ from campfire at the end of the day ("fiš“ is a traditional Slavonian dish made of different kinds of fish). As an excellent expert in nature and experienced whitewater and flatwater kayaker, Gvido is one of the most competent member of our team.


Ognjen is an ex ranger in a national park, very experienced in field activities of all kinds. He is a speleologist, kayaker, hiker, birdwatcher...and an essential member of our team on the Drava river. With an exceptional safety he will take you through the wilderness and while doing so he will show you all the birds and other animals, plants, hidden channels, flooded woods...Nature has no secrets for him.

Veljko Pajičić

Mechanical Engineer and currently a student at the FESB in Split attend to graduate to higher degree of Mechanical Engineering. He is a lover of sports from an early age. At the early age he trained team sports, handball and water polo, and later started doing martial arts. Currently trains and competes in JuJitsu as a member of Split club Uragan, and parallel he's engaged in windsurfing. Leisure like to spend in nature by swimming, running, bike riding or diving. He especially enjoys in sea kayaking, snow skiing in winter and water skiing in summer.


Ivan has got a Graduate Diploma in Marketing -  Faculty of Economics. He speaks English and Italian fluently. Besides, he takes part  in sports since childhood, especially swimming and handball. He decided to join our team because we do exactly what he loves and does the best.



Great nature and sport lover. Many years in extreme sports and adventurous spirit, which he manifests at every opportunity, make him a valuable member of our adventurous team. Besides sport, Tomislav is very fond of shipbuilding and photography.


Contact person for Italy

Fani is a great nature lover, passionate stones gatherer and a decorator. She has got her own gallery in Caserta near Napoli, where she got married and where she lives with her family. She comes from Split, so every summer without fail she  visits her Croatia and gladdens our hearts with Dalmatian klapa song.

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