The story of Adriatic beaches

1. Croatian beaches – hidden, romantic, secluded


Hidden beach for a romantic couple, just created for paddlers.

This tiny gravel beach, some 10 meters wide, at the end of a small “fjord”, is just created for a romantic couple of paddlers. It is completely unapproachable from the land and narrow “fjord” is not suitable for boats bigger than kayaks. It is not interesting for local people and not known to tourists. To reach it you have to paddle approximately an hour.

Well, where is it? “Falco” knows.

2. Croatian beaches – hidden, romantic, secluded

Sea on one side, freshwater lake on another and a small creek in between – southern seas paradise.

This unique beach has everything what real nature lover can imagine. It is situated between the sea on one side and freshwater lake on another. They are connected with a strip of white gravel and a tiny creek with cristal clear water you can drink during hot days. Everything is framed with evergreen Mediterranean vegetation. And, last, but not least, unapproachable for cars. Isn’t it ideal place you’ve dreamed all your life – your southern seas paradise? Yes, and that’s not dream. It is included in one of “Falco’s” tours.

3. Croatian beaches – hidden, romantic, secluded

A narrow strip of gravel.

This very special intimate little beach consists in fact of two parts. The part facing the sea is just a narrow strip of small gravel, barely large enough for one to sunbath. Or to leave the kayak.

But behind the rock there is a genuine “back yard”, an intimate space for sunbathing and resting of two people, who are just enough to each other and don’t need anybody to disturb them. Old pine trees make deep shade for them, during the hottest hours. Excellent place for two paddlers in love to escape from the rest of the world for a day long trip.

„The back yard“

And where this tiny little piece of paradise is? Among the rocks, under the pines, on the gravel, next to sunny Mediterranean vineyards and not far from the road and village. Somewhere on Croatian coast, of course. But where exactly? On the route of one of “Falco’s” tours. Join us!

You just have the paddle along the Croatian coast and you’ll find this place sooner or later.

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