Route: Slime – Radmanove mlinice
Price: 45 € per person (for groups, at least five people)

Rafting on the River Cetina is ideal for all generations and enables you to enjoy the hidden beauties of nature. You can discover the magic of the River Cetina River set in one of Croatia’s most dramatic canyons. Along the 10 km course you will encounter the river’s gentle cascades, rapids and tranquil pools, caves and waterfalls, and the unique flora and fauna of Dalmatia. During each trip two stops are included where you can swim in the Cetina’s crystal clear waters and photograph some of the breathtaking scenery around you.
If it is your first time rafting, do not hesitate. The 3-4 hours trip, starting at the village of Sllime and finishing at Radmanove mlinice restaurant, will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Rafting is open to all between the ages of 10-70 years.

Booking: At least one day in advance of your planned trip ( 50% per person should be paid in advance).
We recommend that you bring towels, shorts, t-shirts, swim wear, sun cream, dry clothes and shoes. We do not recommend bringing money, keys, documents, jewellery, mobile phones… You are responsible for your cameras and we will provide waterproof bags for them.

Each boat takes 8 persons plus an experienced skipper..

Included in the price: transportation by vans or bus to the starting point, insurance, equipment (helmets and life jackets) skipper-guide and an experienced person in charge of safety. For larger groups, companies and families prices as agreed.

We look forward to sharing the excitement and beauty of rafting on the Cetina with you.

Start of the trip: 9.00 and 14.30
Length: cca 10 km
Duration: 3-4 hours
Skipper-guide: yes
Paddling and safety equipment: yes
Transfer: yes
Transfer from Split: 8.00 A.M and 13.30 P.M.
Transfer from Trogir: 7.15 A.M. and 12.45 P.M.
Insurance: yes

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Reservation & Payment


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