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Route: Pantan - Trogir – Pantan
35 €
Number of participants: up to 14

This tour will give you a different view of the beautiful UNESCO's town of Trogir and it's surroundings. The tour is designed for beginners. It is easy paddling and you are never far a way from land. The whole trip we paddle along the coast in a sheltered narrow channel between Ciovo island and the mainland, so we can always take a break for resting and swimming. The tour a wonderful experience in the hands of experienced guides who will give you instructions in sea kayaking and tell you all about the history, nature and wildlife of Trogir, Ciovo and the Pantana nature reserve.
We'll start on Pantana beach, 1 km west of Trogir, and head for the town circumnavigating it under its bridges, along the marked, the old walls, the fortress of Kamarlengo and the marina. Then to the little islet near Pantana where you can take a swim and have a break After that we'll paddle to Pantan lagoon and the marsh home to king fishers and many rare birds. At the end of the marsh we'll visit an old mill, build by the old Greeks 2200 years ago extended by the Venetians in the 15th century. Back to Pantana beach.
This trip is designed to beginners, but offers a lot of interesting places.

Route: Pantan - Trogir – Pantan
Start of the trip: 8.30 A.M.
Length: cca 5 km
End of the trip: around 1.30 P.M.
Guide: yes
Paddling and safety equipment: yes
Paddling experience: no
Equipment: sea kayak Prijon Excursion (double) or Touryak (single)
Transfer to Trogir and back: yes
Transfer from Split: 8.30 A.M.
Meeting point: Split harbour
Insurance: yes
Included: fruit snack, water

You do not need any special clothes or shoes, just common swimming equipment and hats for the sun protection. There are dry chambers in the kayaks, where you can put all the things that should be protected from water or salt.

If the weather is bad, the trip will be postponed or the money will be refunded.

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