Pearls of Dalmatia


8 days
Price per person: 1190 €
Number of participants: 6 - 14 participants

The Pearls of Dalmatia combines the two most wonderful ways to see Dalmatia-sea kayaking and motorboating.
For larger distances we will use the boat which is also where well live, sleep and eat during the tour. From the moment you step on to the mothership, you are in another world. You will immediately get a taste of adventure when you see the equipment -the kayaks, paddles, lifejackets, sprayhoods and so on. You will get a taste of the time ahead. The places you will visit, the islands, the beaches, the food, the wine, the clear starry sky at night. The Dalmatian way of life! Our way!

We'll start the engine and steam towards Hvar, The Pakleni islands, the island of Vis, Lastovo island, the island of Korčula, the birth place of Marco Polo and Povlja bay. During the day we'll sea kayak around the most beautiful spots of the coast, visit gorgeous villages where time appears to have stood still.

You need no prior experience in sea kayaking. Our guides are multilingual experts in sea kayaking and canoeing. They will tell you about the history, wildlife and nature of every place you visit. They also have a lot of stories to tell. At night we'll almost always anchor in a place that will give you the opportunity to go ashore or stay on board.

Small changes are possible due to weather conditions or similar problems we can not control.

Interesting places and local tradition: ancient, medieval and renaissance monuments and unique architecture of the cities of Hvar, Korčula and Dubrovnik, the most distant Adriatic islets, beautiful lighthouses, cliffs, pebble and sand beaches, small coves, islets and villages, gourmet local cuisine


Mothership: Class A motorcruiser; WC and shower en suite; Air conditioning; Double occupancy of cabin; Single cabin can be arranged at extra cost.

Sea kayaking mothership tour “Pearls of Dalmatia”( 8 days) includes:
sea kayaks Prijon Excursion (double) or Touryak (single) and other paddling equipment; expert guiding; accommodation (double occupancy of cabin/room); all meals without drinks; insurance;
fees, tickets etc.; local travel on the start and the end of the tour.

Sea kayaking mothership tour “Pearls of Dalmatia” (8 days) does not include:
plane and other travel of non local character; drinks; various specific personal items (hygienic, medical etc.).

Mljet National Park is briefly:

Blue sea → green island on it → blue lake on it → green islet on it


Transfer from Split airport to the historic town of Omiš where the mothership is anchored. The ship is a category A motor cruiser with air conditioned cabins. Every cabin has a shower and W.C.
Lunch on board while we steam towards the wonderful island of Hvar.
Sea kayaking from Cape Pelegrin to the town of Hvar where we'll visit the oldest theater in the Balkans and the town fortress. The town of Hvar is one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world.
Dinner in a marvelous Dalmatian restaurant.
Free time.
Overnight on board.


First breakfast on the mothership.
Sea kayaking from Hvar to the Pakleni islands 10 km west of Hvar. The name Pakleni islands is popularly translated as Hells' islands. (pakleni – hellish). But it originally derives from Paklina, which is the pine resin once used to coat ships. Dalmatia has a great history in shipbuilding. But the most significant contribution of Dalmatia to the world of shipping is its history of famous maritime colleges which over the centuries have produced some of the finest sea captains and seamen in the world.
The boat will ride „shotgun“all the way to Pakleni island, indeed it will always be near us when we kayak but not always seen. Upon arrival we'll stash our gear on board and over lunch head towards the island of Vis. 2200 years ago Vis was home to a colony of Greeks. In search for a port on the mainland they founded the town of Trogir 2200 years ago. Over dinner in a romantic little restaurant in Vis we'll fill you in a little more on Dalmatian history if you wish.
Free time.
Overnight on board.


We'll mount our sea kayaks and head for Rukavac, home of the spectacular Green see cave.
Lunch on the board while we steam towards the island of Lastovo which is with its archipelago another national park of Croatia.
Paddling around the coast of Lastovo.
Dinner on board while anchored in the wonderful bay of Tiha vala „Land leave“ is not possible tonight. But we'll keep you entertain.


After breakfast, we head towards the island of Korčula- the home of Marco Polo. Every real traveler should visit his home a least once in a life time.
Sea kayaking around Korčula and to the town of Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula. Orebić is “steaped” in naval history. It has produced hundreds of sea captains and has a great maritime museum. Pelješac is famous for its wineyards and oyster beds.
Dinner on board.


We steam towards the island of Mljet, our magnificent national park .It is a special experience to visit such a sparsely populated island.
Sea kayaking to some small and breathtakingly beautiful islands near Mljet.
After a lunch on board and an afternoon resting, we'll hike thru a forest and around two lakes on the island. Later we will take a park boat to an island on a lake on the island, yes really! And visit an ancient monastery where we'll have dinner.
Return to the boat in the port Pomena.
Free time.
Free time in Korčula.


Cruise towards the island of Šipan, just off Dubrovnik. Šipan is one of the breathtakingly beautiful Elafit islands and has been home to the summer residences of the rich and famous for hundreds of years. From members of the ancient Dubrovnik aristocracy, CEO's of multinational companies over famous writers to Holywood A listers. Šipan has not lost it attraction to this day. You'll see why.
Lunch on board.
Sea kayaking around the Šipan coast line.
Dinner on board.
Free time.


In the end we cruise ( steam) towards Dubrovnik. We'll sea kayak around the famous city walls and visit the island of Lokrum near the town. Visit to the botanical gardens and the old monastery.
Lunch at a wonderful Dalmatian restaurant.
Free afternoon.
Farewell dinner in a spectacular seaside restaurant.
Free time.


A last breakfast.
Transfer to Dubrovnik airport.

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